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Casino terms
03-19-2009, 09:10 AM
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Casino terms
Just though I'd add a few "casino terms" here to keep the discussions going. Feel free to follow-up and add some more so we can know the other side of the business.

Drop, Hold, and Action.

Ever hear casinos say, "The Drop is off" or "The hold is good?" Know what this means and why it is important?

The "drop" is the money that is "dropped" into the box or slot machine. You buy into a BJ game for $100 and if you were the only one that did that 24 hours, the drop wouold be $100.

The "hold" is how much of that $100 the casino keeps. So if you were the only player in 24 hours and you played and cashed in your remaining chips for $90 the hold would be $90. If there were a lot of winners the "hold" could be negative but this would be highly unlikely unless a whale hit big on one day.

"Action" is what is played. It is hard to count "action" with accuracy at table games, but with slots you get 100% accuracy. So if you put $100 into the slots and bet $1 per time and spin 300 times, hitting a few jackpots but cashing out with $0 then the "action" would be $300.

Drop and hold are important because that is the profit. If the hold gets too high it could mean the games are too tight and people will eventually play less. But hold is also quite simply "sales" for the day.

Action is important because people will not come back if they lose all their cash in 20 minutes. People sitting playing slots makes more people want to play. But let them play too long and your total revenue could go down. So the experienced casino manager will watch the action level and tighten/loosen as needed.
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06-25-2009, 10:39 PM
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RE: Casino terms
In addition, i like to share this some poker terms:
Blinds - A forced bet in Texas Holdem Poker.
Call - In Poker, to match the current wager.
Fill - In Poker, to draw a card that makes a 5-card hand.
Fill Up - In Poker, to attain a Full House.
Kicker - In Draw Poker, an odd high card which doesn't contribute to a Straight or a Flush.
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