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Methods for Beating Blackjack
03-14-2009, 10:25 PM
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Methods for Beating Blackjack
There are 5 methods of beating blackjack that DO work though (card counting is not the only one)

1. Card counting
There are many card counting systems that vary in complexity, the most efficient systems are multi parameter systems that I really don’t see people employing using only their minds as they are very complex particularly in the strategy deviation department of the system.

2. Shuffle tracking
Shuffle trackers follow cards through the shuffle and figure the advantage to the player based on the known cards and the number of unknown cards in the sector of cards they were visually following.

3. Ace prediction
Similar to shuffle tracking, only the player only follows aces, or clusters of aces and calculates the player advantage accordingly.

4. Card sequencing
Due to the inefficiency of hand shuffles, and even the inner working of continuous shuffle machines, the order that cards were dealt during one shoe, will remain during the next shoe after the shuffle, though there will be an unknown number of unknown cards dealt between the cards the were noted in the previous shoe. The player will most likely use this knowledge to predict the presence of an ace in the cards pending to be dealt, but it can also effectively be used to predict the presence of any card, and modify playing strategy accordingly.

5. Hole carding
Holecarding is gaining knowledge of the dealers hole card in the middle of the hands to guide playing strategy, there are legal ways to do this, and illegal ways, but it can yield huge returns for the player.

In addition to those methods, you can use various scams, that aren’t really illegal, but come VERY CLOSE to it, and will certainly get you the boot.

Hole carding is the most effective, if you can do it during every hand, but usually its a once every ten hands or so event that you get to view the dealer hole card.

Card sequencing for the purpose of predicting when an ace is going to be dealt can be lucrative, when it works out in such a manor that you know you are about to be dealt an ace, however an obstacle occurs as more players sit at the table, you may find yourself knowing the player next to you is about to be dealt that ace you worked so hard to locate, and your efforts are in vein.

Most professionals use a combination of card counting and shuffle tracking which yields a player edge of about 2-3%, this is the best and the most practical approach, in addition you can attempt to predict aces simultaneously, but it is of little gain because it very rarely generates an opportunity to bet.

"Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember it didn't work for the rabbit." - R. E. Shay
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