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Minimizing house edge by hedging?
05-12-2009, 04:37 AM
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Minimizing house edge by hedging?
I saw this on a youtube video "system" for craps. I am not going to post a link because the guy is a moron who say things like "hot streak" where there is no such thing. But even the blind dog finds a bone now and then and he mentioned something had me intrigued.

I don't know craps the best, but what if you tried the following:

Bet the pass line and don't pass line together for the same amount on the come-out roll. Then take or lay odds, which doesn't matter as they are true-odds with no house edge either way, as you normally would.

This would put the house edge to a bare minimum the way I see it. Consider that the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 on the come out. Your "Don't Pass" loses and your "Pass" wins, a wash. The shooter rolls a 2 or 3, then "Don't Pass" wins, "Pass" loses and it is a wash. Shooter rolls a 12 and "Pass" loses and "Don't Pass" pushes for a loss of just half a unit.

So point becomes 4,5,6,8,9, or 10. Then you take or lay odds with NO HOUSE EDGE! Normally say you go "Pass" and take them, well, the risk was always in that 2,3,or 12 coming up. With the "insurance" of the Don't Pass bet you have cut down the house edge and get the true odds for FREE, except for the push if it is a 12.

Am I missing anything here? I realize this is like betting a coin-flip getting paid .49 for a win. But maybe throw in a little dice-control?
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